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Initial Coin Offering
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Join our ICO!

  • Please do NOT send Bitcoins or Ethereums from exchange wallets.
  • You need to know your private key information or you can sign message easily.
  • During Paycoinex distribution, you'll get your paycoinex coin after sign message which is already given before to be able to pass the verification process.
  • You can send BTC from the same wallet. The total amount will be calculated.


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About Us!

What is Paycoinex

Paycoinex began on July 27, 2017 and it exist for cryptocurrency solutions such as bill payments and exchange markets. It is invtested by people who believe cryptocurrencies is the future.

Our Mission.

Paycoinex aims to operate as cryptocurrencies are needed with high quality and sustainability. Our primary target is, to gain profit margin for the investor with value-added services. Some points of Paycoinex(Pcx)

Our Vision.

We strive to be the biggest integrated market exchange.

Road Map

Some points of Paycoinex(Pcx)

  • 100.000.000 Paycoinex coins will be distrubuted.
  • 75% of coins will be distributed to investors. The rest, 25%, will belong to Management.
  • When the ICO reaches $300.000 USD, token sell will end.
  • Your investment will be paid back without transaction costs if ICO fails.
  • Investment target, Limit $200,000 USD and maximum limit is $300,000 USD.
  • Paycoinex will be exchangeable coin ie. Bitcoin. You'll be able to sell or buy it.


Why you should invest in Paycoinex.


Give us a chance to create your integrate solution what's in your mind.

Integrated Solutions

Paycoinex Service life cycle will be established with integrated services to be produced


Paycoinex(pcx) will be more valuable after integrated solutions to be produced.


Our services will not be restricted to Turkey, we will expand globally.

Widely Cryptocurrency Trading

There will be wide crypto coins in Paycoinex market not be restricted some of them.


Paycoinex will have great support team both technical and customer focused.

Low Fees

Fee rates are high in the current market, we'll also focus to decrease it.


Paycoinex ledger will be opened for our investors. There will be no doubt about profit-cost equations.

User-friendly interface

Paycoinex will have an absolute user-friendly interface.

Characteristics of Paycoinex(PCX)

  • Algorithm: CryptoNight
  • Block Time: 120 sec (2 min)
  • Difficulty Arrangement:Every min.
  • Complete Privacy
  • Unrelatable transactions

Our Team

The Team who's eager to grow up!
mustafa yalcin

Mustafa YALÇIN

Founder & Security Researcher
He started his career as a software developer 5 years ago. He has been working in a global cyber-security company as a cyber-security expert for 2 years. He kindly supports cryptocurrency projects and he designed the website for Elastic (XEL). He also contributed arranging Bittrex exchange meetings.
musa bas

Musa BAŞ

He is the software engineer who already contributed to high scale Turkish Global Companies.

He is also a freelance blockchain developer.
Emre Akyüz

Emre Akyüz

He is a Full-Stack developer with 10 years experience. He previously worked for 3 different companies and he resigned to make Paycoinex dream come true.

oguz aydinyilmaz


Marketing & Entrepreneur
He was the founder of, West Company, before hading it over in 2015. Now, he is working as an IT Support Engineer for an international company.

He was also involved in Elastic and Golem supercomputer projects.
bugra bayrak


Graphic & UI Designer
He has worked as a graphic designer for casting agencies and is experienced with Adobe products, as well as Bootstrap and CSS.